With its move to Paradeplatz in Zurich 2013, Galerie Dierking further expanded its fine art section, the focus being on the trade with works of art from the 1950ies to the 70ies. Special attention is paid to the ZERO- and Op-Art movements and their environment. Apart from the placement of established works of art, the gallery aims to review with due diligence the oeuvre of lesser-known and forgotten artists and to popularise it.


It has always been Dierk Dierking's particular concern to point out the manifold relations between non-European art and trends of Europe's artistic modernity. This dialogue opens up new, very contemporary aspects. In this context, numerous exhibitions have been realised, since the founding in Cologne 2002, with works of expressionism, cubism, surrealism, art brut and others. On our premises at Paradeplatz we show on two floors changing exhibitions of international post-war art of the 1950ies to the 70ies and select objects from Africa, Oceania and North and South America.

Both with regard to traditional tribal art and fine art, our emphasis is on aesthetic quality combined with uniqueness and provenance.

Galerie Dierking is a member of the Verband der Schweizerischen Antiquare & Kunsthändler (VSAK) (Association of Swiss antiquarians and art dealers), the Rheinischer Kunsthändler-Verband e.V. (RKV) (Association of art dealers in the Rhineland) as well as the Conféderation Internationale des Négociants en Œuvres d’Art (CINOA) (International confederation of art dealers).