Our long-term experience and international contacts as well as the cooperation with renowned experts from the arts and sciences are the factors that enable us to develop tailor-made solutions and to achieve the best possible results in the setting up or sale of a collection. In addition, we offer our customers our know-how regarding the correct storage, professional transport, the conservation and restoration as well as the evaluation of works of art. We attach great importance to discretion and transparency when advising our customers.

The setting up and expansion of a collection requires time, sound expert knowledge and experience. In buying objects of art, it is decisive to do so at a reasonable price and recognize the authenticity of the works and a maximum degree of quality. 

The sale of individual objects of art as well as of large collection volumes and decedent estates can be done in many different ways – be it as a transaction on a commission basis, by auction or as direct sale. Important to our customers are solutions that are at the same time success-oriented and profitable. In the past years we were able to gain experience in the clearing of whole decedent estates and achieve highest prices on the market. Compared to international auction houses, our charges are compatible and adequate.